About The PER

Paranormal Experience Registry

A public service provided by the Institute for the Study of Religious and Anomalous Experience.

  • What if there was a place where people who have had strange and paranormal experiences could both share their experience and also see what others have experienced?
  • What if social scientists created a registry where the right questions and measures were asked to get the most information about the paranormal?
  • What if by contributing your personal experiences you could help social scientists understand paranormal phenomena, and help others who may be bothered or disturbed by what they’ve experienced?
  • What if in the near future, we could provide interactive maps, showing where clusters of paranormal events happen, separated by type and severity?

If the above makes sense to you, or you have had what society calls a paranormal experience, then this site is for you.

Everyone is welcome to contribute as many experiences as they have had. We won’t judge you, and believe it or not, research has shown that up to 2/3rds of the population have had some kind of experience that they believe is paranormal.

Contributing to the PER takes a little time, but that time helps both parapsychologists and others who have had similar experiences.



Help us further understand paranormal experiences. No Judgement, no wrong answers. Register and contribute today!



The PER is Working on Three Stages of Collecting and Reporting Paranormal Experiences


Stage 1. INITIAL COLLECTION AND VERIFICATION. Collect 3000-5000 responses internationally with a variety of paranormal experiences. We will then analyze the data and make sure we’re collecting your information in the right way.

Stage 2. REOPEN COLLECTION AND MAP EXPERIENCES TO GOOGLE MAPS. After verifying information and making adjustments, we will add our information to a large interactive Google map. Visitors can look at different locations around the world and see summary information about the kinds and number of paranormal experiences that people have reported.

Stage 3. CREATE AN INTERFACE FOR USERS. With some time, we will create a custom search engine for the PER database, so that users can look up specific types of experiences, and get detailed information about what others have reported.



Register with the PER. Our registration process is anonymous and will ask you to give yourself a code name that we can identify your experience reports with. Because we want to be as thorough as possible, you will be asked a lot of questions. The whole process of registration takes, on average, about sixty minutes.


Start reporting your experiences. You’ll be asked many questions and we will ask for a lot of details. You have the choice to report the location where your event occurred or remain anonymous. We welcome you to complete as many reports as experiences that you have had.


Information gathered on this site and placed in the database is for scientific use and mapping. We can not guarantee your privacy but protect your privacy by ensuring that:


  1. Your personal information will be protected by a self-assigned code word.
  2. We do not collect information that can specifically lead to your identification.
  3. Data used from the site will never report individual’s information
  4. We do not share private information with 3rd parties for marketing or sales purposes. Ever.